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PH Construction, LLC

Restore Your Drywall Ceilings & Walls.

PH Construction, LLC

Drywall is a great durable construction material used mainly for ceilings and walls. Because these areas stand out a lot in your space, any flaw from the smallest to the largest one will be more evident.

In any residential or commercial space, these flaws can be bothering. At PH Construction LLC

we offer expert care for these problems. Learn more about our drywall repair services.

We Give Solutions to Your Problems: Drywall Repairs.

When you have drywall walls or ceilings, there are several flaws you may bump across, that disturb their curb appeal and functionality.

For every common problem on drywall such as nail pops, dents, holes, cracks, peaked points, and others, there’s a solution. We provide all of them under a full drywall repair service.

We deliver outstanding results thanks to our procedure:


  • A thorough inspection to identify the problem and assess the ideal solution.

  • Surface preparation to ensure appropriate bonding of the material and smooth appearance on results.

  • Precise execution to make your drywall look brand new.


Drywall repairs go beyond simply covering your walls or ceilings with a compound. We put special care in every repair. Get a free estimate!

We Make All Your Drywall Problems Vanish Forever.

At PH Construction LLC  

we’re qualified on every single service we offer. You can trust us with any drywall repair you require.

Professional craftsmanship is what determines high-quality results in a drywall repair and that is exactly what you get when you work with us, along with the best customer attention.

Because we get the job right from the first time, we’ll eliminate your drywall problems as well as your worries once and for all. We are confident in our work and certain it is exactly what you need. ContactPH Construction LLC today!

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